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Brighten Your Smile & Help Prevent Disease

When it comes to optimal oral hygiene, professional teeth cleaning is a must. Not only does it remove tartar and plaque buildup, but it also helps to avoid gum disease and other oral health problems. While you may brush and floss your teeth daily, there are some areas you cannot reach, no matter how hard you try. This is where professional teeth cleaning comes in.

During a professional tooth cleaning, a dentist or dental hygienist will use special instruments to remove tartar and plaque from your teeth and floss your teeth to remove food particles that may be stuck in between. In addition, dental hygienists may polish your teeth to make them look their best. Professional teeth cleaning is an indispensable part of maintaining good oral hygiene.

The Professional Teeth Cleaning Process

The typical process for professional teeth cleaning in San Diego starts with a visual examination of your mouth. Your dentist or hygienist will look for any signs of oral health problems, such as gingivitis, tooth decay, or oral cancer. They will also assess the condition of your gums, looking for any signs of inflammation or disease.

Next, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned. The dentist will use a small, hand-held mirror and a scalar to remove any plaque or tartar buildup on your teeth and gum line. The scalar is a small, curved tool that looks a bit like a hook, and it vibrates quickly to break up plaque and tartar.

After the plaque and tartar have been removed, your dentist will use gritty toothpaste to polish your teeth. This toothpaste contains abrasives that help to remove any leftover plaque and tartar and to make your teeth look extra shiny. Your dentist will also use special flossing techniques to remove all the food particles stuck between your teeth.

For the final step of teeth cleaning in San Diego, the dentist will use a fluoride treatment. Fluoride protects your teeth from cavities and decay, especially if you have a history of cavities. Fluoride treatment will protect your teeth and gums from bacterial decay for several months, thus helping you maintain optimal oral health until the next session.

Why Is Routine Teeth Cleaning Important?

You must have your teeth cleaned every six months. Plaque and tartar can build up on your teeth over time, leading to tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque is a sticky film of food debris, bacteria, and saliva. If plaque is not removed, it can harden and turn into tartar, which can only be removed by a professional. If tartar is not removed, it can lead to gum disease, an infection of the gums that can lead to tooth loss.

As such, if you avoid good oral hygiene and regular cleanings, a chain reaction of dental health consequences can be initiated. Receiving professional teeth cleaning in San Diego every six months can prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Professional teeth cleanings remove plaque and tartar from your teeth, thus protecting your teeth from the long-term effects of bacterial decay. Professional teeth cleanings also include checkups, allowing dentists to identify and address your dental problems at the earliest stage possible.

Teeth Cleaning FAQs

How often should I have a professional teeth cleaning?

It is recommended to have a professional teeth cleaning every six months. This regular schedule helps maintain optimal oral health by preventing the buildup of plaque and tartar, which can lead to gum disease and cavities.

Is teeth cleaning painful?

Teeth cleaning is generally not painful. Some patients might experience minor discomfort, especially if there is significant tartar buildup or if they have sensitive gums. Our hygienists take care to minimize discomfort and can adjust their techniques based on your sensitivity.

Does teeth cleaning prevent cavities?

Yes, teeth cleaning helps prevent cavities. Regular cleanings reduce the risk of cavities by removing plaque and tartar, which are primary contributors to tooth decay. The fluoride treatment often included in cleanings also strengthens teeth and helps prevent decay.

How do I know I need teeth cleaning?

You might need teeth cleaning if you notice plaque buildup, tartar deposits, bad breath, or bleeding gums. Even if you do not have noticeable symptoms, it’s essential to adhere to the recommended six-month cleaning schedule to maintain oral health and prevent potential issues.

Why Choose Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center?

Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center is a state-of-the-art dental clinic committed to helping you achieve and maintain the perfect smile for life. But if you want the perfect teeth, you must undergo regular dental cleanings and follow your dentist’s oral hygiene recommendations. We also offer dental X-rays and exams. Please schedule an appointment for your routine teeth cleaning in San Diego.

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