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Promptly Identifying & Addressing Oral Concerns

Identifying and addressing oral health concerns is crucial for maintaining optimal dental health. Scripps-affiliated dentist Dr. Roya Mirkhan uses cutting-edge dental X-rays and offers thorough oral exams to prevent minor issues from evolving into more severe problems. Regular dental exams and X-rays allow for the timely identification of issues like cavities, gum disease, and oral abnormalities. Early intervention ensures effective treatment and helps prevent discomfort, pain, and costly dental procedures in the future.

An older man happily receiving a dental exam prior to fillings in San Diego.

What Are Dental Exams?

Dental exams are comprehensive evaluations conducted by dentists to assess a patient’s oral health. During dental exams, our dentists thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, tongue, and oral tissues for signs of problems like cavities, gum disease, and oral cancer. Your dental exam may include X-rays to identify issues not visible to the naked eye. Dental exams also include discussions about oral hygiene and personalized recommendations for maintaining oral health. You need regular dental exams in San Diego to prevent and address oral concerns at the earliest stage.

Dental Exams Identify:

  • Cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Oral cancer
  • Tooth decay
  • Wisdom teeth issues
  • Jaw problems
  • Bite irregularities
  • Oral infections
  • Dental plaque and tartar buildup
  • Oral hygiene habits
A woman happily in the exam chair for dental X-rays in San Diego.

Insured Patients Pay Nothing Out-of-Pocket for These:

  • $0 Cleaning & Exam for Children
  • $0 Exam for Adults
  • $0 Second Opinion Evaluation

What Are Dental X-Rays?

Dental X-rays, or radiographs, are diagnostic images of a patient’s teeth and oral structures. They provide valuable insights that may not be visible during a regular dental exam. These images help dentists detect issues like cavities, bone loss, impacted teeth, and infections. Dental X-rays come in various types, including bitewing, panoramic, and periapical, each serving specific diagnostic purposes. We use cutting-edge dental x-ray techniques during our routine dental exams to evaluate your oral health.

Dental X-Rays Identify:

  • Cavities and tooth decay
  • Gum disease
  • Bone abnormalities
  • Impacted teeth
  • Infections
  • Tumors or cysts
  • Tooth root issues
  • Jaw fractures or injuries
  • Dental developmental concerns

Types of Dental X-Rays:

Bitewing X-Rays

We use three different dental X-rays in San Diego. Bitewing X-rays are dental radiographs that capture detailed images of a patient’s upper and lower back teeth, specifically the crowns and the bone height between them. These X-rays are commonly used to diagnose cavities between teeth, monitor the progression of gum disease, and evaluate the fit of dental fillings or crowns.

Periapical X-Rays

Periapical X-rays are a type of dental radiograph that provides a comprehensive view of a single tooth, capturing its crown and the entire length of the root and the surrounding bone. These X-rays are essential for diagnosing dental problems like tooth abscesses, root canal issues, fractures, and abnormalities in the tooth’s structure.

Panoramic X-Rays

Panoramic X-rays provide a broad, panoramic view of the entire oral and maxillofacial region in a single image. These X-rays are particularly valuable for assessing the overall dental and jaw structure, including the development of teeth, impacted wisdom teeth, jaw joint disorders, and detecting tumors or cysts.

Dental Exams and Dental X-Rays FAQs

How often should I get dental exams and X-rays?

Dental exams are typically recommended every six months, but your dentist may suggest a different schedule based on your oral health. X-rays are done less frequently, with bitewing X-rays every 1-2 years and full-mouth X-rays every 3-5 years, depending on your risk factors.

Can pregnant women undergo dental X-rays?

Pregnant women should avoid routine dental X-rays in San Diego, especially during the first trimester. While the radiation exposure from dental X-rays is extremely low and safe, it’s recommended to err on the side of caution during pregnancy. If absolutely necessary, dentists can use precautionary methods to further guarantee safety.

Is sedation necessary for dental X-rays in anxious patients?

Sedation is not typically required for dental X-rays, even for anxious patients. Our dentists are trained to make patients as comfortable as possible during the procedure.

How long does a typical dental X-ray procedure take?

Dental X-ray procedures are usually quick and efficient, taking only a few minutes. The time may vary based on the type of X-ray being performed and the specific needs of the patient.

Can dental X-rays identify early signs of oral bone loss?

Yes, dental X-rays can detect early signs of oral bone loss, often associated with conditions like periodontal disease. By examining the density of the jawbone, dentists can identify bone loss and take appropriate measures to address it. Receiving routine dental X-rays in San Diego can help ensure your oral health.

Can dental X-rays detect oral infections not visible externally?

Dental X-rays are invaluable for detecting oral infections that may not be visible externally. They can reveal hidden abscesses, cysts, or infections within the teeth or jawbone, aiding in early diagnosis and treatment planning.

Can dental X-rays detect early signs of periodontal disease?

Yes, dental X-rays are crucial in identifying early signs of periodontal (gum) disease. They can reveal bone loss and the extent of gum recession, helping dentists diagnose and manage the condition before it progresses.

How do dentists check for cavities during a dental exam?

Dentists use visual examination, probing with dental instruments, and X-rays to check for cavities during a dental exam. X-rays are particularly useful for detecting cavities between teeth and beneath the enamel’s surface.

Why Choose Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center?

Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center offers a comprehensive and patient-centered approach to dental care. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing top-quality services, from advanced dental surgery to routine dental exams in San Diego. We prioritize your oral health and overall well-being, using state-of-the-art technology to address your needs promptly and proactively. Schedule a consultation with us to achieve and maintain optimal oral health.

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