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We Offer Same-Day Tooth-Colored Fillings

Like most people, you probably don’t like having metallic objects in your body. Until recently, dentists have addressed cavities and dental cracks with metallic fillings that look darker and may lead to numerous health concerns. But thanks to modern advances in dentistry, we understand that tooth-colored composite resin is a better alternative — stronger, more durable, and more natural, leading to results that look and feel better. Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center is committed to only offering same-day tooth-colored fillings.

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What are Metal-Free Fillings?

A metal-free filling is just what it sounds like – a filling made without metal. The most common type of metal-free filling is made from a composite resin material. This type of filling is strong and can be color-matched to your existing teeth, making it virtually invisible. Metal-free fillings in San Diego are not conductive, do not interact with magnetic fields, and don’t cause allergic reactions, making them safer alternatives than traditional dental fillings. Furthermore, since composite resin is color-matched to your teeth, it’s indistinguishable from natural teeth.

The Composite Fillings Process

During your composite filling treatment, the dentist will numb your tooth and the surrounding area with an anesthetic. Once your tooth is numb, your dentist will use a drill to remove the decay, clean the cavity, and prepare it for the filling. Finally, the composite resin will be applied in layers and hardened with a special light. Once the composite resin has been applied, your dentist will shape and polish it. The entire procedure concludes within 30 minutes.

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Benefits of Metal-Free Fillings:

  • Natural-Looking Restoration: Composite resin fillings are more aesthetically pleasing than metal fillings. They are the same color as your teeth, so they blend in and are virtually invisible. Metal fillings, however, are very noticeable and can give your smile an unattractive “metal mouth” look.
  • Stronger & More Durable: Composite resin fillings in San Diego are stronger and more durable than metal fillings. They bond directly to your tooth, which helps to support the tooth and prevents breakage. Metal fillings, on the other hand, can actually weaken the tooth over time.
  • Safety & Biocompatibility: Composite resin fillings are safer than metal fillings. Metal fillings contain mercury, which is linked to health problems such as neurological damage, kidney failure, and birth defects. Composite resin fillings are completely hypoallergenic, biocompatible, and safe for the body.
  • Easy Removal: Composite resin fillings are easier to remove than metal fillings. If you need to have your filling removed for any reason, the dentist can do so without damaging your tooth. With a metal filling, removal is much more difficult and can damage the tooth.

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We have finally found a San Diego dental practice with which we are very comfortable! Dr. Roya Mirkhan and very capable staff have warmly welcomed us as new patients to their large state-of-the-art offices in the modern Scripps Medical Building in Del Mar Heights. We are particularly impressed that this practice is able to address all of our dental need for us to be referred elsewhere for special procedures. Thank you Dr. Mirkhan and staff for your fine and diversified services and we look forward to a very long relationship with your practice.

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Dr. Mirkhan offers excellent dental care with clear and specific instructions on the care of the teeth. I am impressed with how well she addresses the total oral hygiene process. Her staff is well trained and the office is extremely patient-friendly.

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Fillings FAQs

How do composite fillings differ from traditional amalgam fillings?

Composite fillings in San Diego are made of a mixture of resin and glass or plastic materials. They blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, offering a more aesthetically pleasing option compared to traditional amalgam fillings, which are silver in color. Additionally, composite fillings require less removal of healthy tooth structure, making them a more conservative choice.

How long do composite fillings last?

Composite fillings last 5 to 10 years or more with proper care. Their durability depends on factors like oral hygiene, bite forces, and the size and location of the filling. Regular dental check-ups can help monitor their condition and ensure their longevity.

Can composite fillings be used for front teeth as well as back teeth?

Yes, composite fillings can be used for both front and back teeth. They are versatile and can match the color and appearance of natural teeth, making them an ideal choice for visible front teeth. Their ability to bond well to tooth structure also makes them suitable for back teeth.

Are composite fillings covered by dental insurance?

Many dental insurance plans do cover composite fillings in San Diego, but coverage may vary depending on your specific plan. It’s essential to check with your provider to understand your coverage. Your dentist can also help you understand your out-of-pocket costs.

Is the procedure for getting composite fillings painful?

The procedure for getting composite fillings is typically not painful. Dentists use local anesthesia to numb the area before removing decayed tooth material and placing the filling. Some patients may experience minor discomfort or sensitivity afterward, which usually subsides quickly. Overall, the process is well-tolerated by most individuals.

Why Choose Us for Your Fillings in San Diego

Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center is a cosmetic, periodontal, and dental implant specialty practice specializing in cutting-edge restorative procedures. Our cosmetic dentists use the latest technologies for your fillings. More broadly they also use the latest techniques to address your dental issues, such as dental decay, infections, and cavities, ensuring safe and natural-looking results. If you have a cavity, please visit our dental clinic to explore your options for metal-free fillings in San Diego.

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