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Non-Surgical Laser Gum Treatment

Effective, Non-Surgical Solutions for Gum Disease

If you have sore, swollen or bleeding gums, you may be one of the millions of Americans with periodontal disease, the major cause of tooth loss in adults. Periodontal disease starts off as plaque, but as time goes by the plague begins to harden, forming into tartar or calculus. Calculus deposits provide an environment where bacteria grow, leading to infection of the gums and often bad breath and a bad taste in the mouth.

If gingivitis is left untreated, the condition progresses to periodontitis, which is a far more serious form of the disease. With periodontitis, periodontal pockets formed, and as a result separating the teeth from the gums and the supporting bone structure. When the condition is left untreated, the pockets deepen, eventually resulting in tooth loss and the possible need for dentures or dental implants. 

Suffering From Gum Disease? Turn to Our San Diego Cosmetic Dentist.

Dr. Roya Mirkhan uses the revolutionary alternative to traditional invasive gum surgery. With the use of cutting-edge laser technology, Dr. Roya Mirkhan can repair damage from plaque and tartar buildup and get rid of infection by closing up the pockets. In the past the only way to close deep pockets were with sutures, but today by using a safe and minimally-invasive laser, patients can enjoy the technological improvement over standard gum surgery.

The treatment is initiated with the traditional scaling and root planning to remove the plaque and tartar buildup, then the procedure is immediately followed with the laser where the laser decontaminates the pocket to eliminate the bacteria and diseased tissues, leaving the healthy gum tissue intact. In cases where the patient has suffered bone loss, the procedure can help stimulate bone regeneration. With laser gum treatment, it improves the chances of saving and restoring teeth that may otherwise need to be extracted.

Effective, Non-Surgical Treatment Option

Lasers are an effective approach used to treat gum disease and are a comfortable, non-surgical treatment option. With proper homecare and patient participation, laser procedures can often greatly improve oral health and alleviate infection, thus reducing the health risks associated with gum disease.

Learn more about the benefits of non-surgical laser gum cleaning: Call our office to arrange a consult with Dr. Roya Mirkhan in San Diego! 

Meet Dr. Roya Mirkhan

If you are like the millions of Americans who are unhappy with their smiles, you are not alone. If crooked, stained, or decaying teeth are the result of an acidic diet, injuries, medical conditions such as diabetes, aging, or naturally occurring strains, you can find help from one of America’s top dentists.

At Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center, Dr. Roya Mirkhan, DMD, MSD, is ready to come to your aid. With 19 years of experience in specialized dental care, our San Diego implant dentist offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic, periodontal, preventative, and restorative dental services to help you achieve the healthiest and most attractive smile. Dr. Mirkhan prioritizes patient comfort and care and will do everything she can to make your appointment a pleasant one.

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