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Dental Bone Grafting in San Diego

Restore Function to Your Teeth

Most people imagine their bones are hard and rigid and do not ever change; but in fact, bone constantly remodels itself. The body continuously deposits new bone cells while removing old ones. In the case of your teeth, lacking jawbone density is a problem, because that bone supports your teeth and keeps them in place. If you lose teeth, the problem of jawbone changes can have serious consequences without prompt treatment. The reason why is because the bone that used to surround the tooth begins to disintegrate, or resorb. The jawbone may also be compromised when you have serious gum disease.

Without sufficient bone structure in the jaw, you will face significant health and cosmetic issues. For one, the teeth can begin to fall out as there isn’t enough structure to hold the teeth in place anymore. Without these tooth roots in the jawbones, the adjacent teeth will shift, and the jawbone will begin to deteriorate.

Missing teeth cause the following problems that may necessitate a bone graft:

  • Sagging facial features: Your will start to have a “caved in look,” as it sags prematurely without a dense jawbone.
  • Complicates dental implant treatment: It can also complicate treatment to place dental implants, because the titanium screw (the implant itself) needs strong bone to fully integrate and fuse with the bone.
  • Difficulty chewing, speaking, and smiling confidently: With these missing teeth or a misshapen jawbone, you may feel uncomfortable physically and emotionally.

What Can Bone Grafts Do for Me?

Bone grafts are used in dentistry to save teeth, depositing the bone graft into the place where a tooth has been extracted, and in preparation to place a dental implant so the titanium dental implant screw has something dense enough to adhere to in order to place the implant successfully. You can expect a small incision to be made into the gumline to gain access to the area of bone that will receive the graft, and we will prescribe painkillers if you need them to manage any discomfort, which usually only lasts about a day or 2. Over the coming months, you’ll notice your body will replace the synthetic bone graft with its own natural bone, reversing the decline in any bone loss you’ve experienced.

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