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If your teeth are chipped or worn due to everyday use, or if they have sustained extensive damage because of tooth decay or a traumatic injury, your smile may benefit dramatically from today's modern cosmetic dentistry procedures. At Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center, we use metal-free restorations to create a very natural look that blends beautifully into the surrounding teeth for durable, long-lasting and invisible solutions.

Our metal-free restorations look, function, and deliver impressive esthetic results. With a personal interest in our patients' overall health and self-confidence, we are passionate about metal-free restorations. When given the choice, patients much prefer the lifelike beauty of metal free restorations and Dr. Roya Mirkhan only uses the highest quality restorative materials that offer desirable biocompatibility, strength, durability, and the best esthetic results.

Delivering Beautiful Esthetic Results

From Empress and Procera crowns, to porcelain inlays and inlays and bridges, we have the ability to create restorations with natural and long-lasting results that don't have the same toxic effects as metal restorations.

  • Metal Free Crowns - Our metal free crowns (caps) are porcelain coverings that are cemented into place over an entire tooth. Crowns are used for teeth with large fillings, extensive cavities or damage, or for teeth that are too weak. Because our crowns are completely metal free, you won't see the dark tell-tale line around your gumline.
  • Metal Free Veneers - Veneers are custom-made, thin ceramic shells that are placed on the front of teeth using a strong cement. Metal free veneers are used to correct and treat a variety of dental conditions such as discolored teeth, crooked teeth, chips, cracks, and wear. Veneers are custom made for each individual patient and they are made to look and feel natural and give patients a whiter, straighter, more pleasing looking smile.
  • Metal Free Bridges - When one or several teeth are missing, a dental bridge can replace them, restoring the function and beauty of your smile. Expertly crafted bridges use surrounding teeth to support the dental crown and are cemented directly onto the abutment teeth (teeth supporting the bridge) for a perfect fit!

Why Go Metal Free?

Empress and Procera restorations don't only look better than metal restorations, but they offer a better fit over their metal predecessors. Today's metal free restorations are engineered to fit well and create natural-looking results so you won't feel a difference between your restorations and your natural teeth. Additionally, metal free restorations are an excellent option for patients with metal allergies because they are made of biocompatible materials that reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Our biocompatible crowns, veneers and bridges are not only better for your health, but they are better for the environment too!

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With advances in cosmetic dentistry, you no longer have to have an unsightly mouth full of metal. With metal free restorations, you can protect your health and you can create a beautiful smile that is all yours.

Would you benefit from one of these advanced procedures? To schedule your dental evaluation with Dr. Roya Mirkhan, please call our San Diego office today!

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