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Era of COVID-19 & All On 4 Implant Treatment


At Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center, your health and safety are our highest priorities.

Since COVID-19 , our office has been particularly strict in taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of this disease and other germs. We will continue to practice universal guidelines set by the CDC and OSHA by maintaining the highest standard of sterilization techniques:

  1. We do strict Sterilization & Cleaning Before & After Treatment
    • Hand sanitizer stations within reach throughout the office
    • We will frequently wipe down operating and waiting rooms, as well as tables, door handles, light switches, etc.
    • We are following the proper cleaning procedures consistently and correctly by applying EPA-registered disinfectant to frequently touched objects and surfaces to help reduce bacteria and other pathogens
  2. Disinfectant and Air Filtration Systems
    • HEPA air filter units throughout with upgraded MERV 13 air filters
    • UV-C light air purification/filtration devices in our ventilation system
    • Air Purifiers with special internal UV light in each room to cleanse the air
    • Disinfectant Fogging before and after each patient to further cleanse the air
    • Placed high volume extra-oral evacuation suction units to capture aerosols not caught by suctions devices

All measures are taken for the ultimate goal of keeping us safe and preventing the transmission of germs to others. As new testing and recommendations become more readily available, we’ll incorporate this additional benefit to screen our staff and patients.

In addition, all of our employees are well trained and given periodic updates on the latest protocols to ensure your visit with us is as safe and comfortable as possible.

During the past 14 months, we have been treating many patients in need of Smile Transformation through all on 4 and all on 6 dental implants. These patients who mostly suffered from having hopeless loose teeth were successfully treated by extractions, bone grafting, and immediate dental implant placements with Temporization.

None of our patients treated during these difficult times suffered from any infection and or contracting any viruses including COVID-19.

At Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center, we provide dental implants for people in need of replacements for decaying, loose, or missing teeth. We use the strongest, most aesthetically pleasing materials in the industry in order to give you the functional, beautiful solution you want. In addition to helping you get your confidence back and improving the look of your smile, we offer a variety of practical, long-lasting dental solutions that will help you avoid future pain and discomfort in a safe and compliant environment.

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