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Scoring Goals or Losing Teeth? Stanley Cup Players in Need of Single Tooth Replacements

Everyone knows that hockey is dangerous – each time players suit up, it’s not a question of if they’ll get injured, it’s when. The reality of this recently became clear when Duncan Keith, defenseman for the Blackhawks, lost seven teeth with just one unlucky shot.

Keith saw the puck coming, but could unfortunately do nothing about it. He was hit straight in the mouth with no time to react. The results weren’t pretty and two hours in the dental chair and countless shots of Novocain later, Keith resembled a jack-o-lantern on Halloween.

As shocking as it is to lose seven teeth at once, Keith isn’t alone. Several other hockey players have met similar fates and are forced to deal with the consequences. One player, Bryan Bickell, refuses to wear a full face cage even after his front teeth got knocked out. These full face cages are rarely used in the National Hockey League (NHL), so teeth loss may just be something to accept. But surely there must be a solution?

Embracing the Power of Dental Implants

Hockey players may seem invincible, but even these professional athletes have to visit the dentist. And whether just one tooth was knocked out or several were lost at once, dental implants may be the solution that NHL players are in need of.

Teeth replacement procedures are quickly becoming the answer for those with missing teeth. In most cases, dental implants operate just as normal teeth would and allow patients to get back to their everyday life quickly and with minimal complications.

Some of the key benefits of teeth implant restorations include:

  • Natural appearance when compared to normal teeth
  • The ability to eat and talk as you did before
  • Permanency, making adjustments and replacements unnecessary

We all wince at the thought of a hockey puck heading straight for our mouth, but the truth is that anyone can lose their teeth for any number of reasons. With today’s dentistry advancements, however, you no longer have to fear this possibility! High-quality teeth replacements are one of the many services offered at Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center.

Hockey player or not, Dr. Roya Mirkhan would be honored to help you achieve the smile you desire. Call our San Diego office today to learn more about the dental implants we offer!

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