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The Art of Dental Implant Placement in the Esthetic Zone

There are times when a patient loses a front tooth or multiple teeth in the front of the mouth either due to an infection, tooth decay or an accident (fall or other traumatic injury to the face). The front area of the mouth called the ESTHETIC ZONE is the most challenging area of the mouth for teeth replacements. Because it creates the smile line and has major impact in the appearance of a person, it is very critical to plan how to restore this esthetic zone of the mouth. It will begin with choosing the right dentist to have adequate knowledge, surgical expertise and artistic ability to handle and manage the situation in a perfect manner. Otherwise, poor planning and inadequate knowledge of these important factors can result in a poor esthetic result and an unhappy patient.

It is important to be seen by a dentist specializing in dental implants who can immediately restore the bone by placing bone graft material and dental implant or implants replacing the front tooth or teeth with immediate and precise restorations that will contour to your gums and bone.

This procedure requires a good understanding of the anatomy and biology of the site to manage it well. This technique ("Tooth in a Day") will not only restore and promote the faster healing of the site, but will result in highly esthetic final implant crowns.

At Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center, we are specialized in Dental Implants and can treat the most challenging cases in the esthetic zone or upper front teeth of the mouth to achieve the best results.

To schedule your free implant consultation appointment and to learn more about your situation and how we can help you to improve or restore the smile you have always wanted, contact us today.

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