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Full Arch Replacements: Get Back the Smile You Deserve

The beauty of a full arch replacement is that it does exactly what it sounds like – acts as a permanent substitute for teeth that are missing entirely on the upper or lower jaw. For years, dentures were the only option for individuals struggling with this dental setback. Dentures, however, were a poor stand-in, leading to difficulties with speaking, eating, and general self-confidence.

Dental implants of the 21 st century have opened up new doors for individuals in need of a full arch replacement and our office is proud to offer up-to-the-minute care to all of our patients. Are you considering a full arch replacement? Keep reading for an in-depth discussion of the benefits you can reap as a result.

Why should I get a full arch replacement?

If you lost all of your teeth, whether from tooth decay or injury, then you are a good candidate for a full arch replacement. The results when it is all said and done are dramatic, with patients instantly appearing younger and more confident.

Some of the biggest benefits of this procedure include:

  • The prevention of bone loss
  • Permanency not attained through dentures
  • The ability to eat as you would with natural teeth
  • Minimal pain and discomfort
  • Avoiding jaw and muscle deterioration

While a full arch replacement can take two to three visits to complete in full, patients are given temporary teeth so that they can function like normal while waiting for the installation of the permanent bridge. After the permanent teeth are attached, it is almost impossible to distinguish between these and any natural teeth in your mouth.

We understand how debilitating it can be when you are missing any teeth, let alone an entire set. Full arch replacements can give you a new lease on life and allow you to smile with confidence. We think you’ll agree – a full set of teeth is something you can grin about for years to come.

Our San Diego implant dentist is just a phone call away and has over 15 years of experience. Schedule your free consultation today by calling 858.348.5859.

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