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Rebuilding Bone for Dental Implants

One of the very best ways to replace a missing tooth is with a dental implant. This has been proven to be one of the most permanent, stable, and natural-looking forms of tooth replacement. Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center is the place to go in for the best implant dentist in San Diego, Dr. Roya Mirkhan.

The dental implant process generally involves two steps. The first is the placement of the titanium implant itself into the bone where the root of the tooth used to be. At this time, a temporary tooth replacement is used while the implant has time to attach to the surrounding bone. The second step is the attaching of the permanent crown to the implant after it has fused to the bone.

What if there is insufficient bone to place an implant?

In some cases, a person may have lost a tooth many years ago and is now looking to get a dental implant. By this time, the bone where the root of the tooth used to be may have deteriorated. This means that there may not be enough bone to support the implant; however, there is a way to reverse this!

Bone grafting is a common, trusted procedure that may be available to replace the missing bone and ultimately support a dental implant. This surgery replaces the missing bone with some of your own bone, bone from a tissue bank, or processed animal bone. Bone Morphogenic Proteins (BMPs) can also be used to stimulate growth of the remaining bone in the area, which means that a graft may not even be required.

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Need a bone graft for your implant? Call now!

Dr. Mirkhan at Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center is qualified to perform bone grafts and has extensive experience doing so. She is on staff in the Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Department at Scripps Memorial Hospital La Jolla, proving her knowledge and experience in oral surgery.

Schedule a consultation appointment today to discuss your situation with Dr. Mirkhan and learn how she can help. Our San Diego dental office is dedicated to helping people improve their smiles in order to live fuller, happier lives with more confidence than before! Call now at (858) 348-5859.

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