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Have Dark Lines Around Your Gums?

Are you unhappy about the dark lines showing through the gums around your teeth, crowns or implants? In this blog, we tell you about the causes and how they can be corrected.

There are several reasons that create these unappealing dark lines.

  1. The pre-existence of older crowns in your mouth that have been there for a long time. Most commonly, these older crowns had inner metal and outer porcelain covers. As these metal fused to porcelain crowns get older, the metal margins get exposed and show through your gum lines. The best solution to this situation is changing your crown to new materials that are all white and will never appear black in the long term.
  2. Lack of adequate gum tissue around your teeth or crowns called, " gum recession". Gum recessions will also appear as dark or yellow lines making a very unaesthetic smile line. This is usually accompanied by teeth sensitivity. THE solution to this problem is simply seek treatment for gum grafting procedure to cover your exposed root surfaces with new and thick gum tissues. This procedure will not only prevent further progression of these lesions, but will provider strength to the affected teeth.
  3. Loss of both bone and gum tissues. This is a serious problem, as it may lead to loss of your dental implants.

Get Highly Specialized Dental Care to Fix Your Dark Lines

At Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center, Dr. Roya Mirkhan, a San Diego Implant Specialist has treated many of these conditions successfully with the best esthetic outcome. We offer highly specialized dental care with the highest standards and best quality materials ranging from metal free restorations, full mouth reconstruction with same day single or multiple dental implants all done in one office. You may schedule your free consultation by contacting our office at (858) 348-5859. We will give you a reason to smile!

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