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Why It Is Important to Replace a Missing Tooth

Teeth serve many purposes aside from chewing food. Teeth are important for speaking, maintaining facial muscles and tissue, and preventing jaw bone decay. When even a single tooth is lost, other teeth will begin to shift, changing a person's appearance and speech habits and leaving them open to gum or tooth decay.

Why should I bother to replace only one tooth?

Teeth have an evolutionary purpose outside of chewing food. Each and every tooth in a person's mouth is crucial to maintaining their oral health.

Replacing a missing tooth is important. Issues that can occur when a tooth is missing include:

  • Existing tooth shifting and loss of alignment
  • Bite issues from strain in the jaw
  • Gum disease and tooth decay
  • Exposed tooth roots
  • Alteration of face shape due to bone deterioration

Each of these issues have serious consequences. Teeth are meant to remain in alignment with one another. Leaving even one tooth out of the equation throws off a person's complete oral health.

How to Replace a Missing Tooth

In order to replace a missing tooth or teeth, a dentist may choose to install a fixed bridge, dental implants, or dentures. A fixed bridge will allow a tooth to be attached to the present teeth, locking it in place and preventing shifting.

Implants are placed into the spot that the tooth's root would have been located. A bridge is fasted onto the implant and functions as a natural tooth. A denture is a tooth that is not permanently affixed in the mouth. It is a plastic tooth that is set on existing gums with no modifications to the mouth.

The best method to replace a missing tooth should be discussed with a dentist, but do so as soon as possible! Waiting for a serious oral health issue to occur due to a missing tooth can cause what would have been a simple procedure to become an extremely expensive dental process.

Replace Your Missing Tooth TODAY!

Contact us if you have a missing tooth that you want to replace as quickly as possible. At Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center, we never let a patient leave without a tooth! Dr. Mirkhan is proud to offer the "All in One Dental Implant Package" or "Tooth in a Day," where she performs all the required procedures in one appointment. No need to visit different offices and dentists for different procedures—our office can have molds taken, your tooth made, and your implant performed all in one day.

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