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Do I Need Cosmetic Dental Surgery?

One of the first things noticed about another person are facial features and the smile. When a person has a beautiful smile, with straight, white teeth, it is naturally appealing and attractive. It is an unfortunate fact that not all people are born with perfect teeth and a stunning smile. We are unique in every way, including our teeth, gums and smile. Thankfully, with recent advances in dental cosmetic surgery, many serious problems can be resolved, permanently.

One answer to dental and jaw problems is cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is the process by which an individual's features, defects and/or irregularities are altered or enhanced to help improve his or her facial appearance. Cosmetic dental surgery procedures are often done primarily for aesthetic reasons rather than medical reasons.

Cosmetic dentistry has become one of the most sought-after methods to improve appearance. With a few, simple procedures you can have an unsightly overbite fixed, stained teeth whitened, embarrassing gaps filled, and crooked teeth straightened. How do you know if you need cosmetic surgery? Is there some feature or aspect of your mouth that you do not like? Would you feel happier if you had a bigger, brighter smile? If so, you may be a candidate for cosmetic dental surgery.

Find Out If Cosmetic Surgery Is Right for You!

The most effective way to determine whether cosmetic surgery could be right for you is for you to meet with us at the Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center and speak directly with Dr. Roya Mirkhan, a certified implant dentist in San Diego.

Dr. Mirkhan will discuss your objectives, advise you of the procedures which would best resolve your specific dental issues, and answer all of your questions and concerns. She will work with you directly and will create a tailor-made cosmetic dentistry plan. She has extensive experience in the field, has completed advanced training in the most recent technologies and uses all of the most modern equipment and treatments currently available. She has been recognized as one of America's top dentists through her achievements in dental cosmetic surgery. Dr. Roya Mirkhan provides each of her patients with the highest-quality care. She is personally committed to helping you to achieve the smile you dreamed of. Contact our office and schedule an appointment.

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