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What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Cover?

There are many, many types of dental insurance plans, all with different benefits, and some include certain cosmetic procedures. The interest in cosmetic dentistry has grown in recent years, and many dental patients are interested in getting veneers, implants or resolving teeth that are out of place, crooked, or discolored. As consumer interest grows, more plans are moving toward covering some cosmetic procedures, up to a certain limit.

Dental insurance works differently than health insurance, as in fact, what you are getting is your dental work at a reduced rate, with a portion of the work paid by the dental plan. In the case of cosmetic procedures, the decision regarding what is covered is based upon several factors. For example, a person who has been in an accident and lost teeth definitely needs a cosmetic procedure. Those who have mouth or jaw malformation may require a cosmetic procedure to make a smile look natural and beautiful.

If you are picking and choosing a policy, it is extremely important that you understand the benefits you are paying for, but this can be confusing for most consumers. Many people choose to go to a dental office and get information about what coverage they actually have. Dentists know which plans are best for the patient, and can tell you what plans may cover the procedures you need.

Generally, the best plans do cost more, but of course, you will pay more if you have to have a procedure and are not covered, and these are decisions that are made by families based upon their budget and needs. Some plans offered through employment have the added benefit of covering some cosmetic procedures if the employer or the group bought optional benefits when purchasing the plan.

Request a copy of your benefits from your provider and review it. Your plan may have some cosmetic procedures that you have access to at a reduced rate. There are other options as well, should your insurance not cover cosmetic procedures. These options allow you to get a beautiful smile and pay it off over time for an affordable payment. The change in your feelings of wellbeing and self confidence are actually priceless.

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