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Are You Suffering From a Loose Denture?

Are you suffering from your loose denture? There is a solution for this uncomfortable situation. Often times when a person loses teeth and wears dentures to replace the missing teeth, over time the denture gets loose and becomes awfully uncomfortable during chewing and other daily activities.

With today's advanced science and technology in dentistry, specialized dentists can provide an implant supported denture for you as early as one day. The procedure will include surgical placement of a few dental implants and modification of your existing denture or fabrication of a new denture to fit on top of the implants. This simple procedure stabilizes the new denture.

The patient can comfortably chew on any kind of food and enjoy a normal healthy social life. No more embarrassing moments of denture falling, sore gums and soft baby food diet.

Get Your Dental Implants All In One Day!

The good news is that all this can be done in one appointment without the need for multiple dental visits at different offices. At Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center at Scripps, located in the Del Mar / Carmel Valley region of San Diego, Dr Roya Mirkhan, DMD, MSD will provide all of your dental implant needs in one convenient location.

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