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Dental Implants? Are They the Right Choice for You?

  • Are you suffering from loose teeth?
  • Do you have many missing teeth?
  • Are your gums bleeding?
  • Do you have difficulty chewing your food?
  • Are you deprived of eating your favorite foods?

If your answer to any of these questions is a positive one, please read and learn more about dental implants and consult a San Diego implant dentist.

Dental implants are artificial root forms that can replace your lost natural teeth. After a short period of healing time, natural looking esthetic implant crowns are either cemented or screwed on to the top of these dental implants. Dental implants will not only replace your missing teeth, but they will regain your confidence in the way you look, you eat and socialize or in short will change your life.

The procedure if performed by a skilled and well trained San Diego implant dentist will have little or no pain or discomfort. A well planned treatment plan will provide a functionally comfortable and esthetically pleasing implant teeth for years to come. Consultation with a San Diego cosmetic dentist will provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center at Scripps is proud to provide you with all the necessary information for these important dental procedures.

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