Senior Dental Program

San Diego Senior Dental Care

Comprehensive & Compassionate Dental Services

The older we get, the more important it is we preserve our dental health to the best of our ability. This is why Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center prioritizes helping older adults keep their teeth as healthy as possible. Our dental team offers a number of services to older patients, ensuring we deliver you the highest quality dental and oral care. The better you take care of your teeth, the longer they will last--and we want to help make your teeth last as long as you live.

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We cater to older patients with any of the following concerns and more:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s
  • Dementia
  • Handicapped
  • Blind
  • Wheelchair-bound
  • Bed-bound

There is nothing more gratifying than seeing the healthy and happy smile of a patient, which is why we also strive to provide a dental savings plan that won’t break your bank. Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center offers a membership program, aimed at helping our clients achieve optimal dental health. Membership provides you with a discount for any and all unexpected and major dental procedures, as well as a discount for dental implant procedures.

Our 1 year membership includes the following benefits and more:

  • Comprehensive Dental Exam
  • Complete Periodontal Evaluation
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Digital X rays
  • Emergency Exams
  • Teeth & Gum Deep Cleaning
  • Gum Disease Prevention with Local Drug Therapy
  • Anti-Cavity Treatment
  • Oral Hygiene Instructions to Patients and Caregivers
  • Oral Hygiene Kit
  • Fillings & Sealants
  • Sedation Dentistry for Phobic Patients and in case of Major Dental Procedures
  • Denture Repairs & Relines

As an elderly patient, you are facing a unique set of concerns in comparison to someone younger than you. Our oral care experts have the experience and education to help you combat any number of concerns, including but not limited to dry mouth, gum disease, bacterial plaque, respiratory infections, and more.

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At Advanced Dentistry & Implant Center, our team of San Diego dental professionals strives to provide a comprehensive dental program for seniors. No matter the complications or complexities of your particular situation, we want to provide you with the services you need, helping improve your quality of life overall. Whether you live in a senior residence, assisted living home, retirement community, or on your own, we will make our program work for you.

Learn more on our website here: Butterflies Smile. Contact us at your earliest convenience by calling (858) 348-5859.

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